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En Las Tablas Performing Arts is a not for profit, 501 C3 community arts organization established in 2006 to offer Hermosa and surrounding neighborhoods  residents, a large array of performing arts experiences, and training at affordable prices.                                     


En Las Tablas offers bilingual (Spanish/English) Dance and Acting lessons for children, youth and adults. The program includes voice and music training, offered only through private classes at the moment. However En Las Tablas is in the process of adding these classes in their regular program soon. 

Beside performing arts instruction we also hold creative writing workshops with open mic. We offer community organizations a space to hold small lectures and presentations. The space can also be rented by participants of the program for private parties.


Parents of young participants are welcome into our space while students attend class. Our space is open, safe and affirming. Everyone is welcome regardless race, religion or sexual identity.


En Las Tablas believes in partnering with other communities organizations to achieve goals that otherwise will be difficult to attain. Our community partners include the Critical Encounters program of Columbia College and Association House of Chicago. We are a young organization and as we grow we will be offerings more programming, solidifying our place in the community.




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4111 West Armitage Avenue

1st Floor

Chicago IL 60639


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11am to 4pm








 Our Mission  


En Las Tablas Performing Arts provides an open, safe and affirming space where participants can explore artistic expression through performing arts experiences that are geared to educate, celebrate and connect participants with one another, their culture and rich artistic history.

 Our Curriculum    


We incorporate health, environmental and cultural education into our curriculum. We believe that by teaching our students to care for their bodies, mind, and their environment we also help them to care and respect for one another. Most of our students are primarily of Latino descent; therefore we celebrate Latino traditions, language and music. Our studentís cultural legacy is an important part of who they are and who they will become in the future.


Healthy eating habits and exercise lead to healthy life-styles. Good manners and positive attitude lead to open and respectful communication. Caring for the environment leads to healthy and prosperous places to live. Celebrating cultural heritage leads to positive self-esteem and positive role models. Through the En Las Tablas Performing Artsí curriculum we aim to accomplish all this, thus becoming an entity of positive impact in the lives of our participants.